My video, A demonstration video clip to help give my student an idea on how to collate images and text

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CPD sat in a training session on BLOGGING

Friday 28th March Training session

re thinking assessment and feedback methods using tablet devices #TAFEHE twitter feed

At Loughborough University talking about how to use blogging as an effective assessment tool, they can download or share

Should be assessed continually using RSS preferably rather than leaving until the end of the unit possibly set up email subscription assessment can be more readily peer assessed in my opinion and students are more likely to proof read work before posting


suggestions start twitter feed at start for q and a

dave foord e learning used to be fe tutor works with schools also with tablets

look at moodle type sites

introduce at start not a new assessment method art way through get students used to it

resistance to train car tractor atm cash machines tablets /need to use differently assessment doesn’t have to be all word text-based   video much easier and accessible sound etc

delays in feedback look at smaller assessment activities to give feedback quicker issues with EV end iv may 2005 gov harnessing technology agenda e assessment valid by all awarding bodies fell tag 10% online assessment or no funding being brought in … audit trail emails should be fine – change methods

text wall feedback on tutor 30£

audio files as assessment and feedback


edit put sound over cover the criteria in speech over

blogging WordPress for journals helps peer assessment and group working

multimedia putting it all together

get the students to choose how to answer

eportfolio mahara page responseware clickers on-line messages

reference me app. xpert images

multi media look for as segment explain everything

tellagami app. morpho and green screen affects key of these apt is the planning and thinking processes 🙂

ubersense cardio reader

practice shorter less important issues o see if devices work and are  figure out logistics etc filtering software could be an issue if own devices used

what … look at methods of assessing criteria look into that for ascent is for pre access

why … to further embed more innovative and creative ways of teaching and learning for students and for myself

how … research my self speak to HOs and look at staff development to ensure a cross college looking at the same innovation s

who… ME!!! speak to Tara and hos it via Tara

when… organise next week when return to WORK, will research on web this weekend

What to do that’s new 2014

I have been appointed a permanent position, and I have managed to get through the first module of my Cert Ed and I’m still here!

I have been researching different apps that I can integrate within my lesson planning and teaching to add differentiation for my learners as part of their learning experience.  I have found a few good apps; I am looking forward to trying them out soon and reflecting on how these have an impact on the students and their learning.

New year and new challenge

I now have a new teacher on my team.  I have been coordinating two courses for a few months, but up until now have been teaching them both my self, I now have another teacher on the course who is teaching some of the units I have written, this is a new experience and it has enabled me to focus on other skills of explaining my thought processes of lesson planning to another tutor, for them to deliver.

After mine and a few others have completed their micro teaches

Well I had my micro teach on the first week of micro teaches, was nervous and found I felt nervous presenting even though every day when I teach I am calm and confident! However after the peer feedback and tutor feedback and having a little reflect on my pesentation and the presentations of other I feel a lot more confident about mt teaching style.  I did recognise that I need to be able to manage timescales better and look  into ways of figuring out how long tasks may take and how I can then plan my lessons more effectively around this.

Had internal Observation today

Well I think it went well, I don’t get feedback on my lesson until the end of the week, I did involve all learners, functional skills and the like so hopefully, I think I would have changed a few things, think I had too many objectives, for future note to self will try to limit these to 3 a lesson!